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Elie de Beaumont from the southeast
Elie de Beaumont : 3109m
Climbed from the upper Tasman Glacier
Malte Brun from the east
Malte Brun : 3198m
Climbed from the mid Tasman Glacier
Lendenfeld from Marcel Col
Lendenfeld Peak : 3194m
Climbed from the Fox Glacier
Minarets from the northeast
The Minarets : 3040m
Climbed from the Franz Josef Glacier
Footstool from the northeast
The Footstool : 2764m
Climbed from the Hooker Valley
Hochstetter Dome from the southeast
Hochstetter Dome : 2810m
Climbed from the upper Tasman Glacier

Guided Ascents Programme

Summer and winter ascents of popular New Zealand peaks

If you have aspirations of ticking off New Zealand's 3000m peaks or are simply looking for a new alpine challenge, our guided ascents programme can provide you with a safe and exhilarating mountain experience on one of New Zealand's premier peaks. We use our more experienced IFMGA/NZMGA guides for these ascents with a 1:1 or 1:2 guide-client ratio. This allows the flexibility to customize an itinerary to meet your objectives, fitness and experience.




All of your equipment will be checked during the gear check at our office at the start of your trip. Any equipment you need to borrow from us will be issued by your guide.

Alpine Recreation provides helmets, harnesses, crampons and ice-axes. Outdoor clothing and packs can also be provided at no extra cost if necessary. Please see the equipment list for further details.

Alpine Ascents Clothing & Equipment list.